Kumeu Montessori Preschool provides the perfect starting point for your child.
Our programme is designed to:

  • Spark each child's sense of wonder
  • Encourage children to think creatively
  • Empower children to reach their potential
  • Inspire children to think big
  • Prepare children not only for school but for life! 

Our day is a wonderful combination of learning, adventure and play. Children have freedom to explore inside and outside, discovering new concepts, problem-solving and exploring fresh ideas, allowing them to make connections between different areas of knowledge and to incorporate their creativity into learning.

Children are free to choose their activities from a wide range of ever changing resources, selecting those that are of most interest to them including activities from our practical life area, sensorial learning, art or crafts, geography and environment, science, literacy and numeracy. Our outdoor environment provides opportunity to learn about gravity, sand, water, physics and nature, and to work those big muscles, that wonderful imagination and to run off some of that inexhaustible preschool energy.

Learning may be active or quiet, indoors or outdoors, individual, one-one-one with a teacher or in small and large groups. Our programme includes a strong focus on numeracy and literacy and is uniquely tailor made for each child to ensure that your child is as prepared as possible for a life time love of learning.

We have daily mat-times where we enjoy singing, dancing, celebrating, sharing news, listening to stories and more. This is a widely varied group learning experience…and loads of fun.

We round out our programme with a constantly changing selection of other activities including creative play, dressups, yoga, gardening, music, art, craft, baking (and more) before returning tired but happy children to their families at the end of the day.


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