Boutique Education
For children aged zero to six

We are open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday with a range of sessions that suit you and your family.

The perfect starting point for your child

At Kumeu Montessori Preschool, our aim is simple: to provide an innovative, modern, high quality preschool environment, where learning is irresistible and children flourish.

We offer a learning programme that is a perfect combination of learning and play, based on your child's individual strengths, need and interests, where each child can learn in a style and at a level that is just right for them. Fantastic teachers, gorgeous children, a superb physical environment and all the benefits of traditional Montessori education combined with the best of modern teaching methods.


"This is the most gorgeous little pre-school. Nurturing teachers who treat your babies like their own. Whenever we arrive with our little one, all the teachers and toddlers wave hello and make our guy feel so welcome. It feels like a second home to him! We drive from Te Atatu Peninsula just so he can go here. Feel very lucky to have found this place!" - Rachel Langford

"Thank you for encouraging our lad to be such a cool and caring person, we feel so lucky to have your centre to rely on for his education and security." - Karis Crawley

"There are many reasons I chose KMP, but a few of them include the very personal and engaged staff, the amazing resources and the focus on educating the whole child. I have made great relationships with many of the staff and I love how they are interested in me and my family as well as my child. The resources are perfect for young minds and they cover a wide range of skills, interests and abilities. I love seeing window cleaning, dish washing, painting, building, dancing, swinging, digging, writing, reading, problem solving and so much more."  - Sarah Joseph

"We love KMP and its friendly and loving and extremely experienced staff!" - Lesa van Bott

"Thank you for making our first out of home care experience nourishing, supportive and beautifully caring!" - Adele Kinghorn

Skills for success

July 24, 2019
At  Kumeu Montessori Preschool, our goal is to make learning irresistible, byproviding an environment where each child’s unique talents, beliefs andexperiences are valued, where their interests are nurtured and where a child’snatural love for life and learning are encouraged, creating happy...
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