Maths at Preschool

Research clearly shows that positive and meaningful preschool experiences in maths are important for future success in education. In fact, studies suggest that acquiring early maths skills is clearly linked to later academic achievement.

Adults that may have struggled with maths or school (or perhaps just plain disliked it!) sometimes think that working with numbers is boring or, at least, not fun, and that pre-schoolers shouldn't be subjected to this form of mild torture. In fact, the opposite is true. Many preschool children are fascinated by numbers – they know that these digits mean something, and are keen to decode the mystery of how to use numbers to communicate and understand information. Early mathematics is not just addition, and subtraction. It includes looking at patterns, measuring, sorting, locating items, counting, grouping and identifying shapes.These can all be taught through a wide range of activities and play. At Kumeu Montessori Preschool, we have a strong focus on numeracy, and hands-on learning using all of the senses. By making maths fun, children become enthusiastic about numeracy, and in so doing, learn organically about numbers, quantities and much more.

The NZ Education Review Office advise that the best preschool environment for learning is one where there is a balance between activities that are teacher initiated and activities that are chosen by the children, but have a clear learning intention. Our Montessori environment provides just that – a classroom and outdoor area full of activities for children to freely choose from, according to their own interests and development, and teachers who complement this learning with a wide variety of teacher led group and individual lessons.


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