Teach me to do it myself

December 5, 2016
It seems that one of the earliest phrases my daughter learnt was "I do it!"….(given that her first word was 'no' and her second word was 'mine', this assertive streak shouldn't have been a big surprise! ). Any of us that parent or work with toddlers know that "I can do it ...
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Maths at Preschool

November 8, 2016
Research clearly shows that positive and meaningful preschool experiences in maths are important for future success in education. In fact, studies suggest that acquiring early maths skills is clearly linked to later academic achievement. Adults that may have struggled wit...
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We learn by DOING

February 17, 2016
Hands feed the mind with knowledge, teaching through touch, learning through experimenting. Children have endless opportunity for hands on, self-directed learning at Kumeu Montessori Preschool. Our incredible range of equipment provides learning for all levels and interest...
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All moved in

After what seemed like the world's slowest building project, we are delighted to have moved into our new building. The children are having a heap of fun exploring all our new resources and our wonderful outdoor area. Loads to discover....
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From early October 2015, KMP will relocate to superb new premises at 8 Grivelle Street, Kumeu. After many years in our renovated bungalow at Oraha Road, it was time for a refresh. The builders, tradies and landscapers are busy putting the finishing touches to our beautifu...
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